Self-portrait - by Denys King

Artist Statement

From Denys King

Welcome to My Website!

This is my first virtual opening and foray into online marketing.

The drawings and designs here have all been created on my iPad using Adobe Fresco or Procreate.

I’ve always loved painting but working on the iPad, for me, offers a great new set of possibilities. It seems tailor made for my creative process and changing times.

While I have been drawing on the iPad for quite a few years posting it on the internet is new and exciting. I look forward to sharing my journey as I learn more about this ever changing medium and market of “digital art”.

The prints and items here are for sale. I will be adding new work as we go along. My primary hope  is that you enjoy the works a fraction as much as I have had creating them.

Thank you,
Denys King

PS  The irony of me doing digital art is not lost on anyone who knows me well!
I’d like to thank my good friend and partner in this endeavour, Debra Williams, for her hard work creating this site and for her technical support.

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